Monday, February 21, 2005

ThUg LoVe

I'll probably be punished for hard livin blind to the factsThugs is convicts in gods prison hand on the strapPraying to father please forgive me police be rushing when they see meI flaunted America's most wanted live on TV lifePleasure and pain stuck in this game holler my nameWe all gone die we bleed through similar veins You'se explain to me now don't panic when my gun burstHeard the last jam nigga this ones worseMy nigga bone held the chrome till I came homeThug Luv playas tell these bitch ass niggas bring it onI caught a plane out to Cleveland late last evening To help my niggas clean up some niggas no longer breathing nowWho you believe in hit the weed and breathe it's a Cold ass the world them niggas kill you in your sleep Until they stop me bury murder me or drop meI got Thug Luv for my nationwide posse feel me